Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tutorial - Crater Lakes

In the future, many rivers and coastal waters are polluted still, and quite acidic. However, craters left from detonations of the Rapture Bombs now collect fresh water as clear rains begin to fall again.

The water is still not pure enough to drink right from the crater, it requires a bit of filtering and processing first. The gangs send out tanker trucks to collect water for their subterranean city.

To create a crater lake, I used a spare plastic crater, from Games Workshop's Moonscape terrain set. Doing some searches, I'm a bit annoyed, because I don't think they make that terrain set anymore. Looking around the net, I couldn't find a similar product anywhere, so at a later date, I'll try to come up with some home made tutorials for creating crater lakes, or I might sculpt a 3D Printable crater lake for people to use if they want.

Anyway, I used one of the Games Workshop moonscape craters. Step one was to paint the whole thing in a brown that would go with my terrain board. I then glued light brown grit flocking into the crater hole, and some of the crevices of its sides, and around the flat outer rim of the model.

Next up, I painted some of the raised areas as rocks with a coat of grey.

And then I forgot to take some photos. But basically, I glued grass flocking onto the up-facing surfaces, but left cliff / steep sides in the brown.

I then washed all the brown and grey with a muddy brown wash (I used Citadel Agrax Earthshade) - except for the center of the crater. I washed the center of the crater thickly with a dark blue wash, and let the blue and brown washes mingle around the edges of the crater hole.

Finally, I watered down some water soluble clear gum glue, and put a layer of that across the bottom of the crater hole. I brushed it about a bit, trying to make it flat, and put additional drops of glue wherever there were dimples in its surface.

I let the glue dry overnight. It was still a little bit tacky in the morning, but I went and did another layer of glue. This time I didn't water it down, but covered the whole inner surface with glue, let it sit a minute, then wherever dimples appeared, I dropped some more glue on top of that spot. I kept doing this until I had a flat even surface, and this photo shows what it looks like at the moment:

However, the glue still has to dry. I'll be doing another coat or two of glue, because it flattens a lot once it dries, until I have built up a nice clear layer inside the crater. I'll post again in a few days to show the final appearance of the crater lake.

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